Statement from state Rep. Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor) on possible attempts to strip away benefits from police officers and firefighters:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
State Rep. Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor) addresses a crowd of police officers, firefighters and first responders at a rally to protect their hard-earned benefits on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017.

LANSING — This week, Republican legislators are considering efforts to strip away critically important benefits for retired police and firefighters, such as health care. In response, state Rep. Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor) issued the following statement: 

“Not even three months ago, we were honoring the bravery and sacrifice of our first responders, and now Republicans are considering trying to rob them of their health care protections to make up for underfunding our local governments for the past 17 years. Taking away first responders and firefighters’ hard-earned health care protections is just wrong, and I will fight against any effort to do so.”